Monday, September 23

Your Baby's Ugly?

      Thought of the night: How do you tell someone their baby's ugly? 

      After dinner, I was talking to my sister and somehow our conversation got to people telling other people that their newborn babies were cute. Now here's the thing... How can a newborn be cute? If anyone told me my newborn was cute and looked just like me, I'd look at them like they had 5 heads. I mean how can anything that literally just came out of my vagina look cute? And if it looked like me then you are clearly trying to (not so subtly) tell me I look like E.T. 

Exhibit A: 

(photo credit to

Now before people start calling me names and saying I'm mean and rude, I need to clarify that I do believe that all babies are cute in their own way. But let's be honest, we've all seen those unfortunate babies that made us wince. And it's not to say the baby won't grow up to be good looking and yes, outward appearances aren't everything. 

     But what would you say if the mother asks and you just really don't think her baby is cute? I think I might just smile and say a prayer. 

Just for craps and giggles: 

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  1. hahaha I can so relate to this! i hate it when some friends spam my fb timeline with baby pictures and i personally don't think their kids are that cute at all :s


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