Thursday, September 12

Top 10 Things for School and Why!

   Summer is officially over, which means school has once again found a way to creep itself back into our schedules. After so many years of school, here's my list of 10 that I can't do without.

          1. Folders

               A different color for every class, folders keep my papers neat and organized. Every class has a different color so it's easier for me to recognize and makes things convenient. Once school starts, papers start a-flying and a-piling. Folders keep everything together, much like spandex. 

           2. 2-3 1 inch Binders

                I find having 1 giant binder for all my classes got heavy and chunky. Instead I op for a couple of 1 inchers (1 1/2 inch if I know one of my classes will involve a lot of notes). After the midterm, I move all the papers to a separate accordion folder. That way I keep everything sorted and light. Also, because I don't have all my classes every day so keeping things separate by days is much more efficient. If you're in high school, you can always switch out binders from your locker during passing time or lunch. 

           3. Pens & Highlighters in a pencil case

                For school, I like to carry 2-3 black and blue pens, 1 red and 1 other color pen along with 1-2 different colored highlighters (yellow is a definite). In my notes I write with the black and blue pens. For corrections, I use the red pen and for side notes, I use the other colored pen (usually purple or green). Too many colors would cause my notes to be messy so having a good and stable system is key. I do this for all my classes.

           4. Paper clips/ Binder clips

                Even with the colored folders system, my papers can still get a little messy. Having some clips on hand is always good. If I print things or receive handouts, I can keep them together and if certain notes need to be kept together, having clips prepared is a handy. 

           5. Agenda/Organizer

                I have a terrible memory, so I cannot live without my agenda. My whole life is written in it. No matter how good your memory is, an agenda can only be a greater help. Especially when clubs, teams, and part-time jobs begin. Keeping all your to-dos and appointments centralized in one little book is magical. 

           6. iPod & Headphones

                For all your travel needs. If you commute to school and other places on your own, you know what I mean. The suckiest train rides are the ones where your earphones break on you or your iPod battery is drained out. 

           7. Cell Phone

                Whether to keep in touch with family or friends, its practically impossible to be without in this generation! Especially on the days you'll be out and about for a long time or you're traveling to multiple destinations. 

           8. Water bottle
                I think this is self-explanatory. School days are long days. Stay hydrated!

           9. Lock 

                I think you know why this is important. Whether for school lockers or gym lockers, this heavy chunk of metal, that you always forget the combo to, is necessary. Except on the days you don't have gym, of course. In which case, you can use it as a paper weight. Or door stopper.

          10. Post-its

                AKA the secret love of my life (please don't tell my highlighters). 

                "Ode to Post-its": 

                Oh you delightfully colorful little pieces of shapes 

                that conveniently and neatly stick to my beautifully organized notes and agenda. 

                Oh, how I love you.

          Bonus: As a bonus addition to the list, I think my iPad is just as important as my cell phone because I keep a lot of things for school on there. I think as a university student, a tablet does make life more simple and delightful. But you seriously have to have good discipline or else you'll be playing every other game you can download.

That's my 10 (kind of 11)! What are your must-haves for school?

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